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Behavior in Context AB

Behavior in Context AB is a family business that covers psychological , biological and graphic design areas. At this point, Behavior In Context is mostly active in the psychology and psychotherapy arena.

JoAnne does workshops and supervision mostly in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with applications in Chronic pain and obesity. CBT supervision is presently being done in Luleå, Vaxjö, Uppsala, England, Switzerland, Danmark, Finland. JoAnne has several contracts for therapy for step 1 and step 2 psychotherapists, including Linköping,  and Åland. JoAnne is participating is several ACT educations this fall (see Calender) but will also have her own ACT education in the form of a retreat together with Fredrik Livheim, this coming November.

In the pipeline are two books coming up. One is a ACT/RFT/behavior analysis on romantic relationships due to come out December 2012. (together with Ian Stewart, Ando Roxx and Christopher Martell). The second book is a self help book ACT for normal weight together with Sandra Weinerland and Jason Lillis.

If you are looking for CBT/ACT supervision or ACT workshop for your working place, write to JoAnne ( and we will tailor make an education after your needs.

Research Projects


Obesity and Bariatric Surgery

Sandra Weinerland, my doctoral student, and I have a research project in cooperation with Dag  Arvidsson at the surgical department , Uppsala University. The link to our website for this project is


Sandra Weineland och JoAnne Dahl

Viktpsykologen riktar sig till personer med övervikt. Vi utvecklar bl a psykologisk behandling administrerat via Internet i samarbete med Institutionen för psykologi vid Uppsala universitet. Den behandling som erbjuds är Acceptance and Commtiment Therapy, med fokus på att finna personligt värderade mål, ökad medvetenhet om tendenser och sårbarheter, acceptans av vikt och figur samt medveten närvaro. Syftet är att skapa en flexibilitet kring tankar och känslor och att leva ett så meningsfullt liv som möjligt. Övningarna är upplevelsebaserade och vi använder oss av media som ljudfiler och animerade filmer. Teamet består av såväl psykologer, som webutvecklare och animatör. Du är välkommen att kontakta oss som deltagare, patient, yrkesverksam eller student. Om du är intresserad av samarbete i forskningsprojekt, utvärdering av behandling, handledning eller material är du också välkommen!

Project Vitalis

Back to life, back to work. After a change in the Swedish law, sick listing is now limited and many thousands of Swedish citizens lost disability payment 2010. This project is a government funded project to help women, (and now fall 2011 even men) who have lost disabiltiy payments to get back into life and back to work. We are especially investigating the effects of Acceptance and Commitment therapy as a short term treatment and we are comparing single psychologist treatment in the home and over internet as compared to multidisciplinary team. This project is in cooperation with the psychology department, and department of public health, Uppsala university

Teacher of the Year, BTF 2011

JoAnne was awarded the Teacher of the Year Prize for 2011 from the National Behavior Therapy Society, with the motivation: For her engaging support for students and her ability to lift questions of both psychological and existential character. Especially for her efforts in increasing the understanding of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy where she emphasizes the importance of understanding life values in the treatment of clients. JoAnne has inspired many students and regardless if you agree with her or not, she awakens and create debate, inspires and engages her audience. She has reached out to many and has enriched CBT Sweden, by showing diverse ways of thinking and bringing in new ideas.